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Shingley Tours is a sole proprietorship company. It is a service company that offers island hopping and package deals of water activities.

Shingley Tours takes its pride from its humble beginning. The company started as Shingley Helmet Diving with only two units of helmet diving equipment in its early days back in 2012. The company has grown to be one of the most promising tour operators in Boracay over the years.

To continuously go with the pace of the growth of Boracay Island in terms of tourism development, the owner had decided to invest in tour management to diversify its offering giving birth to "Shingley Piknikan" on March 21, 2014. With its determination and dedication to improve and expand its service to the tourists, Shingley Tours opened its door to an off-road activity, the Atv ride.
Up-to-date, Shingley Tours is operating five motorized big boats, three speedboats, one picnic area, and an Atv and Resort in the mainland to cater to the company's tourism needs.

Shingley Tours aims to be one of the best companies to offer water and off-road activities in Boracay. When Shingley Tours started with motorized big boats operating within Panay, the company envisioned playing an important role in helping tourists to experience safe and quality service at the most reasonable price.  Shingley Tours wants to take them in the most beautiful spots in Boracay to its highest viewing point or deep down to its turquoise blue water, where the beautiful marine ecosystem is worth seeing. But more than that, the company also wants to be instrumental in developing all these beautiful ecotourism destinations within the region and employ thousand of locals to be part of this adventure.

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